Can we have more of Tom Cruise the actor please?

    Over the weekend, we got the release of the trailer for 2017’s The Mummy movie. In it, as many were quick to point out, Tom Cruise is soon running again. Few actors run with the speed and intensity of Tom Cruise on the big screen, and few actors seem committed to the productions they take on in the manner that Cruise is. Whenever we’ve interviewed anyone to do with a Tom Cruise movie, they all volunteer just how far the man goes out of his way to have a chat, make them feel settled, and make them feel part of things.

   Appreciating it’s internet law, it seems, to bash Tom Cruise – more for his religious beliefs than his work – I do find myself just a little frustrated by his choices for his last eight released movies. For I’m firmly in the camp of those who think Tom Cruise is a very good actor, and occasionally a great one. Yet he’s gone through a run of blockbuster after blockbuster, without – as he used to do – stopping to take on a slightly more leftfield role.

   Some of the blockbusters he’s chosen are excellent (and in some he’s excellent in them, too), and some simply wouldn’t get off the ground without him. I greatly enjoy the Mission: Impossible films, I think Edge Of Tomorrow is great, I have a lot of time for Oblivion and I can barely remember anything about Knight And Day. But conversely, I can utterly remember sitting down to watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s stunning Magnolia, and having my socks blown off by Cruise’s flat-out excellent turn as Frank T J Mackey.