Forthcoming WhatsApp With Gmail’s Coolest Features

World’s most popular multi-platform messenger application, WhatsApp is ready to upgrade its face with additional revoke feature.

Whatsapp New Features 2017

For flawless and substantial user experience, WhatsApp has been introducing numerous advanced traits over its basic app. Now this is the time to have a bit more easy chatting practice with WhatsApp revoke usage.

Google -the front line mobile app development company, has the recalling facility for sent messages in its Gmail app. It was a tough task for the Mobile app developers to take a step ahead over the giant app provider. Accepting the challenge, WhatsApp Android app developers have introduced a couple of novel features (available previously for iOS version ) to the former version.

Now WhatsApp users can cancel or recall and edit the sent messages as per need and the recalled messages would be deleted from the chat history. But the drawback of this revoke feature is that- the revoked window is available, till the recipient reads the sent message.

Whatsapp Delete Message Option

Additionally, WhatsApp will allow its user to remove status and provide improved backup features with internal improvement for better management of group chat. To meet the needs of languages, WhatsApp will come up with many international languages like- Arabic, German, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Marathi, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese and many more.