Donald Trump inauguration: US president-elect vows to unite country

Donald Trump inauguration: vows to unite country at Lincoln Memorial party

Donald Trump has arrived in Washington and he’s going to be here for at least four years.

  • Trump vows to unite country at Lincoln Memorial party

  • He says his victory ‘unlike anything we’ve ever seen’

  • President-elect will take Oath of Office at noon on Friday

The reality of the moment, that the real estate mogul and reality show star will recite the oath of office Friday, is finally taking hold.At noon Friday, the most divisive campaign in recent history — and a similarly contentious transition period, marked by Trump’s attacks on Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, and dozens of House Democrats saying they’ll boycott Trump’s swearing-in over it — reaches its end.

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Trump’s brash statements about ISIS, his cozy relationship with Russia and his criticism of NATO have the world bracing for a new type of American president.But before all that, Republicans and Trump’s still-growing staff are set for a celebration. Trump and Vice-President elect Mike Pence go through the ceremony at the Capitol at noon, followed by a parade up Pennsylvania Avenue — and past Trump’s new hotel — to be followed by a weekend of balls and an anticipated flurry of new executive actions Monday.Speaking at a pre-inauguration concert Thursday night at the Lincoln Memorial, which featured performances by Lee Greenwood, Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down, Trump told the crowd he vowed to be a president “for all our people.”

Nigel Farage expects great things from Donald Trump

Nigel Farage expects great things from Donald Trump
Nigel Farage expects great things from Donald Trump

Nigel Farage is in Washington DC for the inauguration and he is optimistic about the future of the US.

“It’s a movement like we’ve never seen anywhere in the world, they say. There’s never been a movement like this. And it’s something very, very special,” Trump said. “And we’re going to unify our country. And our phrase, you all know it — half of you are wearing the hat, ‘Make America great again.’ But we’re going to make America great for all our people, everybody. Everybody throughout our country. That includes the inner cities. That includes everybody.”

Later, speaking at a dinner held at Washington’s Union Station, Trump thanked Pence, his top advisers and his family as he reflected on his election victory.”That was some big victory. That was some victory,” said Trump, who also mused that “next time, we’re going to win the old fashioned way,” an apparent reference to victory in the popular vote as well as the Electoral College.